Celebration of Light Church
Teaching New Dimensions of Being
For the Uplifting of the Individual and the Community

Healing Prayer

Infinite Spirit and Angel Loved Ones, please gather with us and spread Your Healing Power around and through us.

We pray for the physically and emotionally ill, that You will restore them and make them whole.

We pray for the aged that they may know a youthful, eager state of well-being.

May Your Infinite Power dwell within humanity, fulfilling all needs and restoring all to Perfect Peace, Harmony and Balance.

Spiritual Precepts

1. We believe in God.

2. We believe that all in the seen and unseen worlds is God in manifestation.

3. We believe that living in accordance with Godís Spiritual and Natural Law will reveal our divine purpose.

4. We believe in the continuous existence of the soul.

5. We believe in communication with the Spirit World.

6. We believe in Personal Responsibility.

7. We believe in Eternal Progression for every soul.

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